Water Billing & Assessments

Customers are billed for ordered water subject to the water order policies of the District. Water bills become delinquent if payment is not received by the District on or before the due date provided on the District invoice. Delinquent bills will be charged a late fee of 1.5% per month. Water will not be delivered to customers with delinquent accounts.


Kern Delta Water District (KDWD) operates under rules, as set forth in the California State Water Code, wherein water districts are given the right to assess land within their district boundaries to cover the costs associated with the general operations and obligations of the district. KDWD was formed in 1965 by a vote of the landowners in KDWD boundaries. Part of that election included the ability of KDWD to collect annual assessments. The obligation of payment of assessments runs with the land and transfers to successive landowners.

KDWD collects three types of assessments from property within the District; General & Administrative Assessment, Variable Special Assessment, and Fixed Special Assessment. The KDWD Board of Directors adopted Resolution No. 82-08 on September 22, 1982 for the purpose of fixing assessments in the District.

General & Administrative Assessment results in an assessment of $4.34 per acre for all acreage in the District. The District collects approximately $500,000 each assessment year which is used to support a portion of the general administrative costs of the District, including legal costs associated with protecting the District’s water rights.

Variable Special Assessment is also collected to meet a portion of the annual obligation of the District’s participation in the California State Water Project. This assessment ranges from $1.36 to $5.46 per acre as determined by zones of benefit for just and equitable sharing among District landowners of a portion of the State Water costs. The District collects approximately $400,000 each assessment year from this source.

Fixed Special Assessment is applied to all acreage in the District at a rate of $0.85 per acre. The District collects approximately $100,000 each assessment year which is also utilized to meet a portion of the Districts costs associated with participation in the California State Water Project.

Important Information for Taxpayers

  • Unpaid assessments are subject, under California law, to penalties, costs, fees and interest, and the Tax Collector cannot waive such fees.
  • Assessment delinquencies will result in termination of agricultural water service to available lands.
  • Failure to receive an assessment bill does not relieve the responsibility for payment, nor constitute cause for cancellation of penalty and/or cost charges if the assessment becomes delinquent.
  • Name and address on the assessment bill cannot be changed after issuance. Change of name and/or address must be sent to:
    Tax Collector – Kern Delta Water District
    501 Taft Hwy.
    Bakersfield, CA 93307-6247
  • If property is sold, please contact the District Office.

For more information contact the District office at (661) 834-4656

Assessment Dates Summary