Agenda & Minutes

The Kern Delta Water District Board of Directors (Board) typically meets twice a month with a Regular Board meeting held the third Tuesday of each month (Closed Session beginning at 12:00 PM and Regular Session beginning at approximately 1:30 PM). The Regular Board meetings are where most action items and normal District business is conducted. In addition, the Board also meets the first Tuesday of each month for a Special Board meeting, the agenda of which is designed to minimize action items and serve as a workshop forum for the Board. The Board also regularly holds committee meetings which are identified below. District meetings are normally held in the Board room at the District office. Note: meetings of the Board may be cancelled from time to time with appropriate notice.

Kern Delta Board Meeting Agenda 

February 18, 2020 Board Agenda

January 21, 2020 Board Agenda

Kern Delta Special Board Meeting Agenda

February 4, 2020 Special Board Agenda

January 7, 2020 Special Board Agenda – Meeting Canceled

Special Projects Committee focuses on system improvements, maintenance of facilities, engineering, design, construction, right-of-way/easements, land purchases/sales, encroachment permits.

February 4, 2020 Special Projects Committee Agenda

January 7, 2020 Special Projects Committee Agenda

Business and Finance Committee focuses on expense items, capital, equipment, operations, wage/benefits, sources of income, taxes, assessments, water tolls, bonds, loans and audits.

February 13, 2020 Special Business & Finance Committee Agenda

February 13, 2020 Business & Finance Committee Agenda – Meeting Canceled

January 21, 2020 Special Business & Finance Committee Agenda

January 16, 2020 Business & Finance Committee AgendaMeeting Canceled

Administration & Executive Committee meets on an as-needed basis and focuses on special functions and personnel matters, legislation, litigation, District organization, government regulations/compliance, negotiations, rules/operations, groundwater management, water supply, allocations, water banking and water purchases.

For committee meeting dates and times, please see the calendar page.